Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Fountain of Youth: Age-Defying Tips and Tricks

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘The Fountain of Youth’, but the origin behind it may be less well known. Legend has it that particular fountain has the ability to provide eternal youth for those that drink of its waters. Tales of healing waters can be found in numerous cultures: Herodotus attributed the longevity of the Ethiopians to a fountain containing special water, while in Middle-Eastern stories, a sage travels through the land of darkness to a restorative spring.
In modern times, the legend of the fountain has not lost its appeal – in Florida, the city of St. Augustine is home to The Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. Visitors and tourists still flock to this spot to drink the fountains waters. One fact remains – the fountain symbolizes anything that increases longevity or helps to slow the process of aging.
It is not surprising that this symbol be one of water, after all – is there anything more natural, pure and cleansing than water? Perhaps this is an indication that the best chance we have of defying the ravages of time is to look to nature.
Practical steps to look younger, the natural way
There are many well-known and respected ingredients derived from nature that promote healthy skin– usually in the form of trusted skin tonics. Always make sure that products used on the skin are free of parabens, petrochemicals and sodium laureth sulphate. These chemical ingredients are in many products on the market today, but have been shown to be absorbed into the body and may cause harm. Be sure to choose products that are free of these chemicals.
Here are some top tips for youthful skin:
1. Stay out of the sun. There is no quicker way to get wrinkles on your skin than roasting in the harsh sunlight! After age 30, your skin will react more severely to sun exposure. Always wear a sunscreen and avoid long periods in the sun, especially from 10am – 3pm. Choose a sunscreen with protection from both UVB and UVA rays. Remember that a SPF15+ foundation and a SPF15+ moisturizer do not add up to SPF30+ protection! The highest number for a single product is the protection you will get, so the ‘less is more’ rule does not apply!
2. Don’t smoke! Not only is smoking bad for your general health, it is absolutely devastating on your skin! When you smoke a cigarette, the chemicals in that cigarette constrict the blood vessels in the delicate tissues of the face – this means less oxygen to your skin, with awful results. It takes at least one full hour for these blood vessels to relax, so stop smoking today and shed years off your look!
3. Invest in a good overnight product. During sleep, our body regenerates on a cellular level, and this is the time when your skin can absorb nutrients. Choose a product that can be left on overnight to plump up the skin, promote elasticity and help reduce fine wrinkles. Remember to massage gently, no harsh rubbing or pulling ladies!
4. Go natural. It makes little sense to slap chemical products on your skin, when nature knows best. Use natural cosmetics if you can, or natural products that contain essential oils such as Marula, Rosehip or Avocado oil, that act as natural antioxidants – found to have therapeutic benefits for your skin and to aid in the promotion healthier skin.
Many items found in the fridge can also help: cucumber for rosacea, yogurt for smoother skin texture (due to lactic acid) and apple cider vinegar to tone the skin. Eating certain foods can also do wonders: top foods for skin rejuvenation include berries, peaches, sardines, citrus fruits and natural oils. Herbs such as Spirulina and Rosemary can help to counter act the effects of oxidization of cells, while extracts of lemon and peppermint have been shown to help give skin that ‘pick-me-up’ boost when it is lackluster and dull!
5. Drink water and be regular. It remains one of the best ways to cleanse toxins from the body, and the skin. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water (including herbal teas) per day. Avoid caffeine! Remember that water will help to flush out your system – which is why it’s also a good idea to follow a natural detox program every now and then.
Constipation can also lead to skin irritations, so may sure you eat adequate fiber. If colonic irrigation is too severe for you, then you might try a gentler alternative such as a natural colon cleanser.
6. Laugh! This is the top tip: if you are going to get lines – make them laugh lines! Studies show that laughing is beneficial to health and will help to keep you young at heart. There is something very attractive about a face that is well lived-in!
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