Saturday, February 8, 2014

Celebs with ADHD

by A. Grano 
Celebs with ADHDIf you struggle with adult ADHD, you may take some comfort in the famous company you keep, as more and more celebrities are sharing their personal stories and victories living with the condition. From athletes to entrepreneurs, these ADHD advocates can also inspire children with ADHD that may at time doubt their abilities.
Many of the characteristic symptoms of ADHD that can be typically be a hindrance actually helped the following people shape their own path to success, as they found ways to work around the challenges and focus on their strengths to reach their own goals.
Granted, each of these spotlighted celebs likely adhered very closely to a holistic approach to health, managing sleep, diet, exercise and other factors that influence symptoms as well.
Do any of the following apply to yourself or your own child?
  • May have difficulty following a timed schedule
  • May be in constant movement
  • May get bored easily
  • May become restless after a few minutes of inactivity
  • May have a great desire for active, risky and fast paced activities
Celebs with ADHD
  • David Neeleman, JetBlue Airways Founder
Top challenges: detail-oriented tasks
Top advantages: creativity and outside-the-box thinking
As reported in a recent interview with ADDitude magazine
  • Pete Rose, Major League Baseball Athlete
Top challenges: labeled as a ‘troublemaker’ in school
Top advantages: dedication to overcome personal issues aggravated by his condition lead him to write   a book
As reported in a recent interview with
  • Jim Carrey, Actor
Top challenges: excessive energy
Top advantages: turning his ‘class clown’ personality into a career
As reported on Celebrities with Diseases website
  • Solange Knowles, Singer
Top challenges: excessive energy
Top advantages: channeling her energy into a creative outlet
As reported on

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