Friday, February 7, 2014

Home Remedies to Boost your Immune System

by Native 
Before resorting to over-the-counter pills and cough syrups– which many times have side effects, and in some instances even contain alcohol– give your body a helping hand in building a strong immune system by using nature’s resources to restore balance and optimal functioning in your body.
Healthy digestion is the first step in boosting immunity: Believe it or not, if your digestive system isn’t functioning at its best, you may also be forcing your immune system to work extra hard. This occurs because the body will take enzymes from your immune system to aid digestion. A balanced diet that includes fiber, lean protein and probiotic-rich foods will do wonders for your digestive system and immune system.
Echinacea: This herb is one of the top sellers in the herbal supplement world. The Native American plant’s immune-stimulating properties have been recognized for over a century.  Echinacea may be used at the first signs of a cold or in times of stress when your immune system functioning may be compromised.
Ginger: This root has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years as a digestive and immune system tonic. It can be boiled and taken as a tea, or cooked in meals, to which it ads a characteristically tangy flavor.
Garlic: Considered one of nature’s “super foods”, garlic not only boosts the immune system but is considered one of the most powerful antibiotics in nature for its anti-bacterial properties. As an added benefit, it also helps reduce cholesterol and aids circulation.
Beans and lentils: Rich in folic acid, beans and lentils go a long way in naturally boosting the immune system.
Tea: Both green and black varieties have immune system-boosting properties due to the high presence of antioxidants. Tea is considered to have as many antioxidants as some of the healthiest vegetables.
Avoid refined sugars: Overly-processed foods high in sugar and fat are detrimental to our health, especially to the digestive and immune system. Sugars are known to actually “kill” beneficial intestinal flora, which is one of the most important contributors to healthy immunity.
Exercise regularly: Everyone knows exercise is good for you, but did you know that exercising regularly candecrease your chance of catching a cold or flu? The reason for this is that exercise promotes balance in all the bodies’ systems, making each one perform at its peak. If you consider your immune system as an army, regular exercise will help it be ready for battle.
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