Friday, February 7, 2014

Tips to Keep Kids Busy During Holiday Breaks

by A. Grano 
With Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah holidays coming up, getting out of the school routine during vacation can lead to behavior problems, especially for kids with ADHD. Also keep in mind that natural medicine works to create holistic balance in the body, with some remedies taking 3-6 weeks for optimum results.
Sustain symptom relief through winter vacation into the next school period with a consistent maintenance dosage. Taking a ‘break’ may leave your child at a disadvantage when school begins again, with the first few weeks spent trying to get back the full therapeutic effect.
Here are a few tips to keep kids busy and out of trouble.
1.       Have kids make their own holiday cards. Stock up on crayons, markers, stencils, etc. and plenty of construction paper. Re-using colorful advertisements and old wrapping paper is not only cost-effective but environmentally-friendly.
2.       Let ‘em loose on the wrapping paper. Teach them how to help you with gifts, or use the extra paper for origami projects.
3.       Get busy baking. Kids love getting their hands dirty in the kitchen, so let them help with low-key projects like making cookies, cupcakes, etc. or let them decorate your creations. Be sure to monitor little ones to avoid any accidental burns or slips on spills.
4.       Create an activity ‘station’ where the kids can go to make a mess whenever they want, complete with board games, coloring books, toys, books, etc.
5.       Simplify your schedule by making arrangements with other parents to take turns watching the kids so you can go run errands, or just have a little “me” time.
6.       Buy grab food or make healthy snack packages – that way they can feed themselves when they get hungry.
7.       Beat bad weather outside – get some classic or new movie rentals and hot cocoa to keep the kids occupied for a couple hours if you need to focus on indoor activities.
8.       Create a chore chart. Let the kids take care of some responsibilities now that they have a little break from school – have them clean their rooms, rake leaves, etc.
9.       Check out local community activities/events. Often libraries, recreational centers or museums have monthly or seasonal special events going on for little ones to participate in.
10.   Get them moving. If the weather is pleasant but chilly, bundle the kids up and let play outside for 20 or 30 minutes, or go ice skating. Also consider sports like racquetball, basketball, or bowling, which can be played indoors or at a gym.
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