Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sleep Habits and Slumping Grades

by A. Grano 
For most parents, getting kids to agree to a reasonable bedtime is a usually a struggle. Preteens and teenagers are especially stubborn about going to bed early and tend to be ‘night owls’. However, preliminary research has shown that students who keep to a late shut-eye schedule have poorer grades in high school and into early college.
A study conducted at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas found evidence that this pattern is reversible, and as more traditional sleeping schedules are followed, overall grades improve. Establishing healthy sleep patterns isn’t an immediate process, and it takes about 1-2 weeks to reset the body’s circadian rhythms, according to the Sleep Disorders Center in Dayton, Ohio.
Establishing healthy habits now during the summer before school begins can help get kids off to a strong start in the fall. Sleep affects memory, concentration, mood, immunity, growth…  it is vital to complete mental and physical well-being!
While each person’s sleep requirements are different, children 3-6 years need about 10-12 hours of sleep, 6-9 years need approximately 10 hours of sleep, and ages 9-12 years as well as most teenagers need approximately 9 hours of sleep.
Sleep Tips
  • Maintain regular bedtime and wake-up time patterns, including on weekends
  • Create bedtime rituals such as taking a warm bath, reading, or listening to soft, soothing music
  • Avoid caffeine and vigorous exercise within several hours of exercise
  • Try to avoid homework or other stimulating activities right before bedtime
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet packed with fresh fruit and vegetables

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