Saturday, February 8, 2014

7 Reasons Why You are Overweight… and How to Fix It!

by Native 
Everywhere you look, it seems someone is trying to offer up diet tips- but sometimes it just takes a few little lifestyle changes, such as cutting calories, to lose some extra weight. Here are 7 ways I found to help stay in shape without starving.
Veg- Out
No, I don’t mean to veg out in front of the T.V.; I mean start eating your veggies- and MORE of them! Researchers have concluded that vegetarians weigh 20% less than non-vegetarians. While taking red meat and poultry out of your diet may seem preposterous to you, deciding to eat 3 meals a week that are completely vegetarian can help you to lose some extra weight and also detoxify the body of over-processed foods.
Choose It
Look down at your dinner plate and ask yourself a question: what is the most filling food on here? This is a question most of us don’t ask, but didn’t really know we needed to. When you are making dinner it’s important to only have one filling food on your plate, while still allowing variety. Proteins, high-water content veggies, and foods with high fiber content are very filling. Learning how to mix foods is important to cut the calories on the plate. Try mixing high protein poultry with a low-water content vegetable to satisfy hunger and tighten your belt another notch.
Rate It
Just how hungry are you? This is a question many people have a problem with. Many of us feel like hunger is something that needs to be cured; however, there are multiple variations of hunger. Sometimes we feel as if we are hungrier than we really are, so rating your hunger can help you to see how much food you really want. A great way to stay satiated while not “over-doing it” is to drink 8 oz of water first. Sometimes when we think we are craving food, we are actually craving hydration. Throughout the day, staying hydrated is important not only to quell hydration hunger but to also ward off other ailments such as headaches, kidney issues, and dry skin.
Hiding Out
How many times have you wanted something sweet, only to find that there is a package of cookies in plain sight calling your name? Let’s face it, it takes a great deal of willpower to say no to sweets, especially when other family members are eating them or they are in plain sight. Many parents find it hard to rid the house of sweets when kids are involved, but hiding them may actually help some think a little harder about the treat. It has been noted that many people who have to reach a little bit further for sugary snacks may actually rethink the decision to eat them. A remedy for this is to place cookies, cakes and candy in an opaque container so you can’t see what’s in it, and then keep it out of reach. Another helpful hint for when you or your family crave something sweet is to make homemade versions of popular recipes, using less sugar and usually half the calories.
Work On It
Workers that spend the majority of their day at work easily pack on the pounds. Studies have shown that individuals who log 9 hours a day at their desk are more prone to weight gain due to sitting, boredom (in some cases) and even work-related stress. Although you may feel your day is more productive if you work through lunch, whether you are sitting at your desk or taking your work with you to a restaurant, taking 30 minutes to de-stress, such as by walking around the block, can help to clear the mind and help the body to stretch out kinks from being sedentary.
Watching no more than 2 hours of T.V. can help you succeed in your weight loss goals. A recent study has found that couch potatoes who watch more than 2 hours of television a day take in more than 7% more calories than those who only watch 2 hours or less. Those who watch more T.V. on average actually eat more sweets, aiding in the weight spike. Instead of watching T.V. when you come home from work, try going to the pool for an afternoon swim, or even go strike up a conversation with the neighbors.
Walk It Out
For a long time, I was told that only doing 30 minutes of cardio a day can help to cut calories and boost metabolism. While doing some sort of cardio on a daily basis is of course necessary for a healthy lifestyle, studies suggest that the 30 minutes may not cut it. Exercisers who trot along for 60 minutes don’t just burn twice as many calories than those at 30 minutes, but a whopping 5 times more calories!
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