Thursday, February 6, 2014

Check Your Beauty Routine: Don’t Let Chemicals Compromise Your Health!

If you’re like most people, there are probably a slew of health and beauty products in your bathroom cabinets. However, how many of those are actually safe?
A few very common ingredients in personal care products have been shown or suspected to cause harmful side effects, according to the University of Rochester in New York.
  • Parabens – this preservative, often found in hair conditioner and gel, makeup and even sunscreen has been tied to increase the risk of breast cancer. Check your product labels for ‘methyl paraben’ or ‘propyl paraben’ and when purchasing, look for ‘paraben-free’.
  • Phthalates –used to preserve scent and color is often found in perfumes, nail polishes and shampoos, this chemical can disrupt the balance of the delicate endocrine system and possibly even affect fetal development.
  • Fragrance – from causing skin allergies and irritation to disrupting hormonal balance, chemicals in scents are typically best avoided.
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