Thursday, February 6, 2014

Resveratrol May Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The results from a month-long pilot study presented in The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, conducted by researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, suggest that daily supplements of resveratrol may improve sensitivity to insulin in older people with age-related glucose intolerance, and may also reduce the spike in blood sugar after a meal.
While the researchers caution that the sample size was too small to draw conclusive results on a larger scale, the findings were very promising.
Identified in over seventy plant species, resveratrol is a naturally-occurring compound that has been shown in various studies to promote anti-aging effects, including increasing oxidative stress resistance. It has also been found to have antioxidant and inflammation properties. Some sources of resveratrol include red wine, peanuts, grapes and blueberries.
Other ways to help keep blood sugar level as well as promote overall health include:
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as foods containing whole grains
  • Reduce your intake of refined and processed foods containing high fat and sugar
  • Get plenty of regular exercise, but avoid overly strenuous activities, which may lead to sudden low blood sugar levels
  • Add fiber to your diet to help your flush your digestive system of toxins
  • Find ways to decompress – chronic stress increases the aging process

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