Thursday, February 6, 2014

Five Annoying Pregnancy Pitfalls!

While your partner’s getting high-fives about your pregnancy news, you’re dealing with the annoying five! While there are many, many pregnancy issues that may pop-up occur during the next 40 weeks, these five are some of the most bothersome.
  1. Nausea: Yes nausea, not morning sickness because as some of you know already, this nausea can last all day long! Although there isn’t a clear cut reason why pregnancy causes this horrible affliction, most experts agree that raging hormones are the culprit. There’s no one cure that works for everyone unfortunately, so try eating saltines before getting out of bed, making some ginger tea, and eating light and frequent meals (you will see a trend here as you read on). If you aren’t able to keep anything down, you should speak with your doctor. Hang in there, this nasty visitor should take leave within 12-14 weeks. You can also try a natural remedy for pregnancy nausea like Good Morning Mamma­ A safe, 100% natural, homeopathic remedy that relieves nausea and morning sickness during pregnancy.
  2. Fatigue: Has your “Get Up & Go” gotten up and gone? Unfortunately, tiredness can be a recurring theme throughout the duration of your pregnancy. During the first trimester most of mommy’s energy goes into building the placenta to support the baby. The second trimester should be better and energy levels should improve, but in the third trimester fatigue can return with a vengeance as sleep more difficult. Remember to pay attention to the signs, if you are tired, rest! Try and get help where you can and if you able to get more sleep take advantage of it now while you can. Also, eat as best you can by adding lots of protein and complex carbs and keeping your meals small and frequent.
  3. Constipation: Soon after conception, increased hormones can slow down your digestion significantly to allow the absorption of more nutrients for the baby. Also, as your baby grows there is less and less room in your abdomen; making it hard for your crowded bowel to digest your meals. Try eating very small meals, increasing your fiber and your water intake to help move everything along.
  4. Gas & Burping: The lack of space in your belly that contributes to constipation can also leave you burping and passing gas! FUN! Healthy foods often cause extra gas (like apples, broccoli, cauliflower and more), as do fatty, greasy snacks. Stay away from those fatty foods and carbonated beverages and try to eat small meals more often throughout the day. If you are cleared for exercise by your doc, then try a short walk after you eat to help move things along.
  5. Skin Problems: Your hormones are on a roller coaster right now and this can cause skin breakouts similar to those seen during your menstrual cycle and during the wretched puberty stage! Fortunately, for those women who experience pregnancy breakouts, the acne usually goes away shortly after delivery as your hormones begin to rebalance. In the meantime, treat your skin well; use nonabrasive cleansers and oil free moisturizers.