Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Main Causes of Liver Damage

Main Causes of Liver Damage

Liver is the largest organ in our body.It is most important because it play an essential  role in converting food
 into energy and removing poisons from the blood.Liver damage is a life threatening condition that needs
emergency medical help.In more rare conditions acute liver failure occurs rapidly in 48 hours.A liver diseases
 is a collection of disorders,infections and condition that may affects cells and tissues of the liver.It also affects
the structure of the liver and leads to damage of liver or stop the functioning.

There are some signs & symptoms  for the most common Liver disorders:

Acetaminophen toxicity:
Itchy skin
Dark urine
Yellowing of your skin
Upper right side abdominal tenderness
flu -symptoms

Alcoholic liver disease:
Dry mouth
weight gain
loss of appetite
Breast development in males
vomiting blood

Primary liver cancer: 
Yellow discoloration of the blood
Abdominal pain
Enlarged liver
Weight loss

Liver Cirrhosis:

 It is generally considered as 4th stage of alcoholic liver disease and causes liver damage severely.

Abdominal pain
Insulin resistance and Type II diabetes
Easy bruising
Swelling in abdomen & legs
Loss of interest in sex
Itchy hands and feet
Dark colored urine

Abdominal pain
Dark urine
Enlarged liver
Joint aches
Loss of appetite

Main causes of liver damage:
Sleeping too late and waking up too late are main cause
High consumption of food at a time
No urination in the morning times
Consuming too much preservatives,artificial sweeteners,food color,etc..
Consuming fried foods when you are tired. It is better to reduce the cooking oil when frying leads to liver damage
Hepatitis A,B&E and other virus cause acute liver damage.
Liver damage is caused by autoimmune disease which can attacks liver cells and cause inflammation and injury.
Alcohol abuse is the most common reason of liver damage.It is toxic and cause liver inflammation.