Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How To Increase Your Height Naturally

How To Increase Your Height Naturally

Many people who are short were desperately trying to increase their height.
 Many are often go for various chemical products. The best ways to increase 
the height naturally were exercise and having super food which helps to increase
 the height. The combination of exercises and healthy diet is most important to
 increase the height. Usually After 21, Growth is usually stopped. Those who are
 below 21 and trying to increase their height, For those here we list the best natural ways.

1. Skipping : Skipping helps to increase the blood circulation and helps the body 
muscles grow. It is one of the simple exercise to increase our height.

2. Milk : The 3 nutrients; Proteins, Vitamin D and Calcium in the milk helps to grow tall.

3. Coral Calcium : Coral Calcium is the purest form of calcium which is derived from
 the sea corals. It helps to increase the growth as well as bone density.

4. Leg Kicking : It is also the best exercise that helps the lower parts of legs grow. It is
 a vital warm up exercise in Martial Arts.

5. Soyabean : Soyabeans are rich in proteins. It boosts the growth of muscles.

6. Vertical Stretch : Stand straight on your toes and raise your hands over your head and
 then stretch as far as you can. It will helps to stretch the body muscles and grow.

7. Animal Proteins : Chicken, Beef etc like this animal proteins helps to grow the muscles.
 This is the best source of raw proteins which are required for muscular growth.

8. Cobra Pose of yoga : This is the action which resembles the snake raising its head.
 Lie flat on your chest on the floor and then lift up your upper portion of the body to fullest.
 This helps your upper muscles of the body stretch and grow longer.

9. Eggs : Calcium, Proteins, Vitamin D are abundant in Eggs. This 3 nutrients helps you 
grow taller.

10. Vertical Hanging : Holding and Hanging from Vertical bars helps to increase the
 height.  If you do this at a younger age, then your spinal cord and vertebral column will grow.