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16 SURPRISING uses of egg shells:  

egg shell

1. Keep The Garden Pest Away : Nobody likes pests and those little critters that ruin your plants and vegetables. You can easily crush the egg shells and spread them throughout your garden in order to keep the snails and slugs away, they hate sharp little bits of shell getting stuck to their undercarriage and they will surely not come back anytime soon!

2. Remove stains from cups: Next time you notice your mugs have tea and coffee stains, instead of reaching for the bleach, try dropping an egg shell into each cup with some boiling water. The porous nature of the shell will absorb the stain and you can scrub stubborn stains away as above.

3. Great Garden Fertilizer: The high calcium content present in the eggshells is perfect not just for making a natural supplement, but also for fertilizing your garden. – if you want your veggies and plants to thrive, then simply crush the eggshells and sprinkle into every hole prior to planting the seedlings. Then, sprinkle additional shells around the base of your plants every two weeks.

4. Face mask: Use the nutrients in an egg to nourish your skin. Grind up some shells and whisk together with an egg white to make a face mask. Leave on to dry, then rinse off to reveal tighter, glowing skin.

5. Candles: Melt down old candle stubs to make pretty candles in egg shells. You can reuse old metal retainers from tea-lights, and buy wick online. Be sure to use wick for a small diameter candle - the smell of burning eggshell is like burnt fingernails or hair: not pleasant!

6. Whiten laundry: A few egg shells added to a mesh laundry bag are said to whiten your whites. put them in a cloth bag along with all your clothes in the washing machine. Your white clothes will stay white for longer!

7. Remove a Splinter : Place the membrane on the splinter and let it dry. It will draw out the splinter.

8. Make Your Own Powdered Calcium Supplement: Eggshells are known to be very rich in calcium, this is why you can easily wash them in warm water, simply bake your shells at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. Let them cool and grind them to a fine powder. Add your supplement (a teaspoon or less) to your favorite smoothie or juice once a day, you can add a bit of it to your coffee, sauce, dishes and what not.

9. Treat Skin Irritations: Dissolve the shells in apple cider vinegar (takes about 2 days), use in on rashes and skin irritations.

10. Drain Cleaner – Add some eggshells to your drain stainer. They will help grab the smaller items, and they will breakdown, and clean your pipes as they go.

11. Ornaments: The egg white and yolk are carefully removed from the egg through a very tiny hole, and the remaining eggshell is used for creating Easter or Christmas decorations. This is a great, efficient and cost-effective way to make decorations, especially if you are a crafty person

12. For the Dogs: Process them into a powder. When your four legged friend get a stomach bug, sprinkle some on their food to stop diarrhea.

13. Homemade Chalk: Grind 5-8 eggshells add 1 tsp hot water and 1 tsp flour, pour into a mold or toilet paper rolls and allow to dry.

14. Use The Egg Membrane To Treat Superficial Wounds: Did you know that the egg membrane can be a great and natural band-aid? Use the membranes of the shell as a bandage, If you cut your finger, simply wrap the membrane around it to protect it from becoming infecting, as well as for speeding up the healing process.

15. Nail Booster: Turn it into a powder and add a little bit to your nail polish to help strengthen nails.

16. For Grass: If you don’t have a composter, just toss them in the yard to give your grass a calcium boost.

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