Sunday, April 20, 2014

Amazing natural remedy against Cancer 


Cancer is the most deadliest disease. There are up to 200 types of cancer. Each cancer has 
different symptoms from other types of cancer. Many people die of cancer every year around the globe. 
Among those, lung cancer is among the most deadliest cancer. Researchers at the university of California 
found a special herb which can kills 98% of cancer cells in just 16 hours.As per the report published in "Life Science" Artemisinin a "Sweet Wormwood" or "Artemisia Annua", it can kill 98% of cancer causing cells in 
just 16 hours.

These derivatives are widely used in Chinese medicines for thousand of years as a cure for malaria.
If you use this herb without any other combination it can kill 28% of lung cancer cells.But if you make a combination of iron in this herb it can successfully cure lung cancer.when combination of iron and 
artemisinin is used to treat cancer cells,iron will attach to the lung tissues which are affected by the cancer.
This helps the artemisinin to kill only cancer cells and stops the reproduction of cancer cells and leave healthy cells which are not affected.

In past this herb is used to cure malaria.This herb is very safe and doesn't harm healthy cells while destroying cancer cells. Other treatments such as radiation therapy can damage healthy cells that are nearer to the cancer cells, moreover malaria parasites cannot survive in the presence of artemisinin.

There are so many experiments conducted and proved that combination of iron and artemisinin can effectively destroy cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.Iron deposits in cancer cells with special receptors and helps to divide cells.Healthy cells also have these receptors but cancer cells are in large amount so cancer cells are targeted by combination of iron and artemisinin.

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